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The OTV strategy is do develop a global network of influencers across all major social media platforms, with unprecedented reach and engagement. Combing rich platform integration and technological innovation, we're expanding our reach exponentially. Our aim - to reach 750m monthly views across all platforms by 2018.

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What is Influencer Marketing?

Social media influencers exist primary on social platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat and newcomers such as This has given birth to the rise of ‘Internet famous’ celebrities and influencers.

The best influencers work to integrate their branded campaigns into their unique stories without skipping a beat. They know their audiences are fickle and can quickly leave, so they treat each and every post with care.

In 2017, these sorts of collaborations between big brands and influencers are only to increase. So much so, that if influencer marketing is the beginning, then what’s next is the shift from social media to social marketplaces.


Key Facts…

Content marketing needs influencers to succeed. 78 percent of brands increased their content output in the last two years but engagement decreased by 60 percent.

Ad block technology is used by 47% of consumers – consumers who therefor automatically don’t see traditional ads.

92 percent of people trust recommendations from individuals (even if they don’t know them) over brands.

25 percent of web traffic is driven by Facebook alone. Social is supplanting search for content discovery.

59 percent of marketers will increase influencer marketing budgets in 2016.

Even small businesses and boutiques will spend a bit of money for a social media influencer with a few thousand followers in their market. Why? Because what they’ll get in return is targeted exposure, to the right kind of consumer, one who is already interested and will likely pay attention.

AJ Agrawal, Forbes

The Future?

Influencer marketing is more than a passing fad. Brands have a new route to market for a vast number of consumers, simply by focusing on the influential few that they trust.

Sony research shows that consumers are FIVE times more likely to buy based on a recommendation from a social peer than from exposure to traditional forms of marketing such as print, digital and TV.

Brands can take maximum advantage of this phenomenon by honing their marketing to the most influential, increasing engagement, marketing ROI and above all, sales.



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Power Middle

Brands have realised the benefit of the ‘Power Middle’ or Tier 2 influencers, and building long term relationships with them.

These individuals are experts in their chosen field and typically have a reach of between 50,000 and 250,000 followers. It’s mutually beneficial in both a paid or organic setting.

Global Local

There are more than two billion active social media accounts. Finding the right influencer for a product or service can seem like finding a needle in a haystack.

We believe that a lot of the hard work can be done with software but we also add a human touch to all our business interactions.


Currently, over 75% of marketers are currently using influencer marketing in some form.

Businesses are making a strong return on investment from influencer marketing, generating $6.50 in revenue for each $1 spent, according to the latest poll from influencer marketplace Tomoson.

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However, smaller companies may grow very quickly as they operate on a smaller base and this will also mean you could double, triple or an even larger multiple.

You get income tax relief of 30%, and you pay no capital gains tax on any profits you make from an EIS investment.

If your investment makes a loss, you can offset that loss against income tax. So let’s say you lose your entire £10,000 investment. With income tax relief, your actual loss is only £7,000 (£10,000-£3,000).

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